iPhone users more likely to be scammed

According to analysis of phishing site logs, mobile users are three times more likely to get phished; of the mobile users, iPhone users are 8 times more likely to click on the scam link, go to the website, and submit their data.



Then why are more iPhone users accessing phishing websites? One explanation could be that Blackberry users, many of which are issued their device by a business, are more educated about Phishing threats and thus less likely to click these links, and have better protection on their mail servers. Although we don’t have any data to validate this theory, if in fact the iPhone is more commonly used in the private sector then this is a very plausible reason for these findings. Also, the message that Blackberry devices present when a user clicks on the link in a Phishing email may discourage a certain percentage of victims from proceeding to the phishing website. Another possibility is that the Comscore market share numbers are inaccurate, and the iPhone has a greater market share than currently documented.


Read the full report.

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